Why Does a Remarketing Strategy Work?

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Remarketing can become one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal for getting more people to your site and purchasing or converting. Therefore, you need to integrate an effective remarketing strategy into your overall marketing campaign. Does remarketing really work? Yes, and it can have big returns if done properly.

What Is a Remarketing Strategy?

Remarketing sends emails or direct mail to people who visit your site and leave without finishing their purchases or forms. The strategy that you use may include retargeting that also integrates ads into the remarketing to these people.

Remarketing comes from the term that you have already succeeded in getting these people to your site through your marketing strategy and need to reconnect with them to encourage them to become customers or conversions.

Why Does a Remarketing Strategy Work?

Bringing back your website visitors is key to conversions. Previous visitors are more likely to make purchases or convert than new visitors. Additionally, data shows this with statistics. New visitors have a conversion rate of 2.4% while return visitors convert at 4.5%. Plus, returning shoppers are twice as likely as new visitors to put something into their online cart – 14.8% for the former versus 7.6% for the latter.

How to Implement and Effectively Bring Prospects Back

To implement an effective remarketing strategy, consider the type of marketing that you have for your site that will bring people to your site. Your web content should also direct people to what you want them to do while at your site – make a purchase, contact your business, or complete a form.

Then integrate automatic remarketing to collect information to send emails to site visitors to increase your conversions. In fact, with Capture®, conversion rates range from 10% to 15%. Some site owners achieve even higher rates.

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