Why Form Abandonment Is an Opportunity

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You spend most of your focus and time on getting people to come to your website. You may not get all visitors to interact as you wish with your site. For instance, 81% of individuals who start to fill out a website form will abandon the process for some reason. Don’t think of these site visitors as a lost cause. Instead, reframe your view to look at this form abandonment as an opportunity. You can reach out to these people again to get them to return and complete the form.

What Is Form Abandonment and Why Does It Occur?

Form abandonment happens whenever someone starts to fill out a form on your site but does not hit the button to submit it. This event can happen for several reasons. Some people may feel the form takes too much time. Other people may become distracted and forget to complete the form. Others still think that they finished the form but did not hit the submission button.

Since many people don’t intentionally abandon forms, you have the chance to convince them to return to your site to finish the form, thereby producing a conversion.

What Happens When Someone Abandons a Website Form?

When someone abandons a form on most websites, nothing happens. That site visitor becomes lost to the internet, and likely won’t come back. However, with Automated Remarketing, the form abandonment triggers an event that could lead to the individual returning.

The same type of technology can also recover lost revenue from people who leave products in online shopping carts without checking out. With abandoned cart emails, revenues may increase 10% to 30% due to customers returning to make purchases.

How Remarketing Can Make a Difference in Form Completion Rates

Once a visitor leaves a form incomplete from a site with Capture, the system uses the information the individual completed and other aggregated data to send an email out. This email can be a standard remarketing email or one the site owner customizes. Typically, this email indicates that the visitor forgot to finish the form on the site and invites them to return to finish it.

If the user does finish the form, they become a conversion for the site. With Automated Remarketing, conversion rates typically reach 10% to 15% or higher. These higher conversion rates increase the number of viable contacts for a website of customers who have already indicated that they want continued interactions with the company. Depending on the business, this could lead to more appointments or more online purchases.

Use Automated Remarketing to Make Form Abandonment an Opportunity

Don’t think of form abandonment as a loss. Instead, turn the event around to think of it as an opportunity for getting a second chance to reach out to the site visitors. Sign up to start using Capture by visiting Automated Remarketing today. You can turn abandoned forms into completed ones by encouraging visitors to return to their forms, increasing conversion rates.

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