Why You Need to Have a Multichannel Remarketing Strategy

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If you are not seeing the results you want from your marketing strategy, you may want to consider using multiple channels to reach your audience or remarket to them. Multichannel marketing with direct mail and email can raise website visits and increase your return on investment (ROI). In fact, 60% of marketers reported a higher ROI. Plus, 68% saw more website visits when using multichannel marketing methods. Capture can assist you in your multichannel remarketing methods.

What Is Multichannel Remarketing and Marketing?

Multichannel remarketing and marketing use physical and digital methods to get in touch with customers.

The distinction between marketing and remarketing is the audience. Marketing sends out ads to a large group of people in hopes of getting some of them to buy a product, visit a store, or click on a website. Remarketing sends ads to those who have already responded in some way to marketing efforts but did not respond to the call to action.

On the marketing side, these methods reach out to target audiences to encourage first-time visitors to a website. For remarketing, this method reaches out to those who abandon forms or carts on your site. These individuals get both postcards and emails to encourage them to return to your site.

Why Multichannel Remarketing Is So Effective

Multichannel remarketing works well because it is not limited to one method of connecting with customers. In fact, people who normally ignore marketing or remarketing emails may pay attention to those received through direct mail. As noted, using both direct mail and email in marketing increases ROI. Therefore, using both in remarketing can do the same.

How to Use Multichannel Remarketing on Your Site

You can use multichannel remarketing on your site with Capture. Sign up for Capture and select the methods you want to use. Postcard retargeting added to standard email remarketing can boost your conversion rate. Plus, you can integrate Capture with email and customer management programs for your business to make it even more effective. With three easy steps, you can sign up for a trial of Capture and start remarketing beyond only emails.

Kick Start Your Multichannel Marketing Methods with Capture

Multichannel marketing is easier than you think. Let Capture do the work for you through our automated email and direct mail remarketing methods. Try out a trial of Capture today and see how it can improve your conversions and ROI. You can do more with your marketing dollars by embracing multichannel marketing and remarketing efforts with Capture’s help.







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