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Email remarketing with Capture® – Revive your conversions

Winning customers may be easy, but winning them BACK may be an ordeal. Capture® can serve as an automated email remarketing company to help you re-engage visitors and bring existing customers back to your website by recapturing their attention with tailor-made emails. 

Connect your data with Capture® to distribute emails on autopilot and boost the sales you didn’t think you could close. Our software lets you wield the power of remarketing, regardless of your business size and niche.

How an email remarketing campaign works with Capture®

The key idea behind our tool is to give your leads what they need at the right time. For example, if someone clicks on the product from your newsletter but never adds it to the cart, they show interest without reaching the main CTA goal. You can’t leave it at that.

Our email remarketing software works by noticing users’ actions and creating relevant campaigns to encourage them to purchase. This makes your customers think you care about them on an individual level while inviting them back to your platform.

Capture® lets you keep your website visitors reinvested if they leave without buying. It’s an effective way to regain potential leads and existing customers by:

  • Acting upon user data in real time
  • Creating email sequences based on the shopper’s actions
  • Reaching them with unobtrusive personalized offers

You don’t have to be the world’s greatest marketer to start a campaign or compile emails. We have tools and templates for that, too.

Benefits of remarketing in email marketing

Email retargeting is an excellent opportunity to remind customers what they’ve been looking for. By connecting with them in their inboxes, you can effectively promote your website and seal a higher chance to:

  • Reraise interest. Most shoppers don’t complete their online purchases for various reasons, from product absence to distractions. But email remarketing empowers you to react to those reasons as you remind people about the goodies they’ve been hunting for and come up with new or similar offers to get their attention back.
  • Elevate the open rate. Businesses that have adopted Capture® are happy about their retargeting metrics. In fact, our well-scheduled sequences resonate with 25.5% more people than pre-remarketing, on average.
  • Boost your sales. Enhanced traffic and conversion rates inevitably lead to a growing percentage of completed purchases. Plus, you owe it to your bottom line to start cross-selling and upselling as you win your customers back.

Our email remarketing software makes the entire process automated. You don’t have to track each visitor’s activity and set up reminders manually – the tool does it for you.

The smarter way to send win-back emails

There’s no need to hire a dedicated email remarketing company when Capture® can do everything for you as one tool. Integrate it into your CRM and reclaim lost opportunities!

After collecting your website visitor details, either cookies or abandoned search data, our tool can automatically launch email sequences with the promotional material of your choice. Test it as a demo for free.

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