Google Ads Integration

With Capture® and Google Ads, you can create highly targeted ad groups, called custom adrift, that targets people that raise their hand on their website and then go and find other people like them. Expand your reach, expand your lead gen. 

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Directly pipe your leads into a new

or existing Customer Match audience.

Customer Match audiences allow companies to create ad campaigns that target specific customers across Google’s ad platform.

(Google Search, Shopping, Gmail, Youtube, Display, etc.)


Check if you fulfill the requirements for Customer Match at:

Ready To Get started:

1. Log in to your Capture® account and head to the integrations page,  select Google Ads/Adwords.

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2. Follow the instructions in the Setup panel at the top of the page.

a) Click “here” which will navigate you to Google to request permissions to manage your Adwords Campaigns.

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b) Allow Capture® to manage your Adwords campaigns.

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c) Now, you should have been navigated back to the Adwords integration page. Enabled should be checked. You can toggle this checkbox at any time to start/stop piping contacts into your audience.

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3. You’re all set! Your tracked data will be piped into a Customer Match audience once every night. The Customer Match audience will be created at that time and your page will show the ID and type the following day. Optionally, you can specify an existing Customer Match Audience by inputting its list ID in the Audience ID field and hitting update.

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It can take up to 24 hours for a contact to be added to a customer match audience. Additionally, lists may not start populating until at least 1000 customers have been added. Because of this, it may take a while until you see your data in Google Ads.