Google Tag Manager Integration

Your Capture® account set up just got faster and easier. Connect to your Google Tag Manager Account directly from your dashboard.

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How to connect your Google Tag Manager To your Capture® Account: Step 1: Log in to your Google Tag Manager account. Step 2: Click here to grant Movology’s Capture application necessary permissions. Step 3: After authorizing our application, refresh this page. Select your GTM account, container, and workspace below. Step 4: Optionally create a new workspace by hitting “Create Workspace” after selecting your container. Step 5: Once you select your workspace you should see a list of your current tags. Capture tags will be marked green. Step 6: Select “Add Capture Tag” to add the tag to your selected workspace. By default, the tag will be triggered on “All Pages”. You can review your workspace changes and any GTM resources by selecting the links on the cards. Step 7: After reviewing the changes, publish your workspace by selecting “Publish Workspace” or through the GTM console. You are all set! Start adding your forms and we will capture your abandons. To disable our snippet, remove it in your GTM console then publish.