Breakthrough With Automated Remarketing

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You work hard to get people to come to your website to buy products or fill out forms. However, many times, those site visitors do not complete your calls to action to generate the leads or revenue you need. If you have found your site has reached a plateau in its lead acquisition, you may need a little boost from automated remarketing to get your business to the next level. We want to help you breakthrough with Automated Remarketing.

What Is Automated Remarketing? 

Automated remarketing has two parts. The first, automated, means that you as the site owner don’t have to do anything to make it work. The service waits on your page until someone comes to the site to fill out a form. Then it gathers information about the visitor to contact the individual if they abandon the form or their shopping cart. 

The second aspect of automated remarketing is the remarketing part. This portion of the service markets again to the site visitor through email, encouraging them to return to your site’s forms or shopping cart to complete their work. 

Breakthrough with Automated Remarketing

Automated Remarketing emails bring lost traffic back

Another benefit of our automated remarketing service is our analytics tracking that you can view on the app. You’ll be able to see various metrics including the following: 

  • Forms completed 
  • Forms started 
  • Abandoned forms with emails 
  • Unique visitors to your site 
  • Email click-throughs 
  • Emails delivered 
  • Opened emails 
  • Captures 
  • Influenced captures 
  • Page views 
  • And more 

How Does Automated Remarketing Increase Lead Acquisition?

Ok so how do you breakthrough with Automated Remarketing? When you use Capture®, you can capture leads from people who start filling out forms but leave the site before submission. Because people abandon forms for various reasons, sending an email to remind them can increase the number of form completions. 

If you want to get leads for your site, you want visitors to give you their email address and other contact information. A successfully completed form creates a lead. But, if the visitor does not finish the form, they create an abandonment. Our Capture® platform sends the visitor an email to get them to come back. Through this method, we see 10% to 15% rates of people returning to complete the forms. We call these successes conversions, which increases the leads your site produces.

How Can You Integrate Capture® Into Your Site? 

Adding our automated remarketing system to your site only takes five minutes and it costs nothing to try the free version. The premium version offers additional features such as third-party integrations, more targeted remarketing messages, and an increase in the number of forms tracked. Whether you choose the free or premium version, after set up, you simply let it work while visitors come to your site. 

See How Capture® Can Increase Your Leads 

If you want to see the difference automated remarketing can make in your lead acquisition, try the free version or choose the premium version for use with multiple forms or websites. You don’t have to settle for a lead building plateau. Capture® may be the tool you need to breakthrough with Automated Remarketing to and take your lead generation to the next level.



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