Personalized Postcard Retargeting

Now you can reach your high intent website audience at their mailbox.

Reach your website traffic at home!

Convert more of your website visitors by adding multi-channel marketing to drive responses and multiply your ROI.


With 73% of American consumers say they prefer being contacted by brands via direct mail, because they can read it whenever they want, can you really afford not to mail your interested leads?

Find out how we created a program that maximized your lead generation efforts and can multiply your conversion rate.
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3 Retargeting Techniques You Can’t Afford To Miss

True Multi-Channel ReMarketing Is Now Automated

Now your marketing strategy can truly encompass the optimal multi-channel approach for your web traffic. Take your website traffic on a marketing experience with you and your brand as they are remarketed to with quick and personal automated emails as soon as they leave your site, followed by personalized direct marketing pieces that reach their mailbox within days.

Through the power of sophisticated data enhancement and segmentation our Automated Remarketing Platform Captures your most valuable website traffic and creates desired segmentation and target audiences. Automated Postcard Remarketing brings additional value to your traditional direct mail campaigns by reaching prospects that have recently visited your website to drive them back and grow your conversion.

Pair this with our Google Ads integration and start to see the power of Automated Remarketing with new lead generation capabilities and start expanding your reach today!

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Improve Your ReTargeting

 97% of visitors to the average website leave without converting.  

What if we could reach out to these users right at their mailbox with highly personalized postcards to drive incentives and conversion?   When we combine the power of lead and traffic capturing along with data enhancements and segmentation we are able to highly personalize and target your prospects and help you grow your business.

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