Personalized Direct Mail Retargeting

Now you can reach your high intent website audience at their mailbox.

Reach your website traffic at home!

Convert more of your website visitors by adding multi-channel marketing to drive responses and multiply your ROI.


With 73% of American consumers say they prefer being contacted by brands via direct mail, because they can read it whenever they want, can you really afford not to mail your interested leads?

Find out how we created a program that maximized your lead generation efforts and can multiply your conversion rate.
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3 Retargeting Techniques You Can’t Afford To Miss

Direct mail remarketing: Turn them on to your product

With all those digital technologies, surprising your audience is challenging. When they are still getting ready to buy, give them another chance with retargeted direct mail.

Most customers communicate with brands via email because they think it’s convenient. That’s why we’ve created an automated tool that uses email postcards for retargeting and getting your visitors back.

We integrate digital precision with traditional direct mail. It identifies website visitors who didn’t complete a purchase and sends them personalized postcards.

This approach combines the tangibility of physical mail with the targeting capabilities of digital marketing, aiming to re-engage customers and increase conversions.

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Improve your marketing strategy with Capture postcard retargeting software

Expand your marketing tools with Capture to drive once-lost traffic to your website with personalized emails. Here’s how our automated postcard retargeting system works:

  • Your potential clients fill out a form but don’t complete the interaction.
  • Capture automatically generates a personalized postcard and sends it to them.
  • If your customers do not reply to the message within several days, Capture mobilizes other resources to re-engage them.

By segmenting and capturing traffic, Capture provides you with a powerful tool to improve the effectiveness of your multi-channel marketing. This increases your site conversion as postcard retargeting ‘retrieves’ interested customers who are ready to buy.

Develop your brand

Full-fledged postcard remarketing software can serve as a brand development tool to maximize your conversion rate. Retargeting gives additional exposure to your brand, especially when integrated with other services, such as Google Ads.

Capture makes your investment in brand development even more efficient. Here’s what exactly you will get with our platform:

  • More recognizable brand. This plays a vital role in forming a loyal customer base. That means more people will choose you over other brands, increasing your profits.
  • Improved lead generation and conversion rate. Thanks to retargeting, you can get the most engaged audience.
  • Fulfilled sales potential. Catchy reminders of your brand or services can help you broaden your customer base. 

Sending personalized postcards when customers expect to receive them can also increase loyalty. People like it when you address them on their terms and are more likely to be interested in your offering.

Stop missing out on everything you can get

You may miss out on leads unless you’re using Capture for direct mail retargeting remarketing . Swarms of people will never fill out that form again, which is why it is so essential to re-engage and get them back. Capture can do it in a demo or full-fledged version with more advanced functionality, including more trackable forms and third-party integrations.

Besides Capture and its features as a postcard remarketing solution, you can benefit from the following:

  • Data security. We never transfer or sell the data that Capture collects.
  • Guaranteed postcard delivery. Capture only works with verified email providers. You can be sure that your postcards are to be delivered, no matter the day.
  • Creative customization. Using our software, you can customize your marketing creatives with various built-in features.

Get started with Capture as a demo if you are still unsure whether you need a postcard retargeting solution to improve your sales performance. This will allow you to experiment with our software and experience all the benefits of retargeting your audience.

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Improve Your Direct Mail Retargeting

 97% of visitors to the average website leave without converting.  

What if we could reach out to these users right at their mailbox with highly personalized postcards to drive incentives and conversion?   When we combine the power of lead and traffic capturing along with data enhancements and segmentation we are able to highly personalize and target your prospects and help you grow your business.

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Want to learn more?

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Capture is versatile, working across numerous platforms, including web pages with native integrations for Shopify, Salesforce, and more. It supports a wide range of form types across various platforms.

Absolutely. Our system is designed to manage several domains under a single account, ensuring a smooth experience whether you’re handling one domain or multiple.

Users typically experience conversion rates between 10% and 15%, with the potential for even higher outcomes.

Each email sent is tagged with a unique identifier. Conversions are counted when a recipient completes a form after clicking a link in the email, attributing the action to the influence of the email.

Yes, you can either upload your custom email designs through our dashboard or consult with our marketing specialists for personalized assistance.

We provide comprehensive analytics, including page views, unique visits, form engagement metrics, email performance stats, and more, accessible through our app dashboard.

Our direct mail retargeting platform comes with a 30-day data-only trial test. This allows for full data collection and enhanced data metrics to provide you with a full opportunity picture before proceeding with premium postcard remarketing.