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Would you agree that it feels devastating when someone doesn’t fill out that form? You spend a lot of time and money to attract traffic, and then you can’t get the most out of them to take action. That hurts…

But it’s a common issue. About 80% of people choose not to interact with businesses when they arrive at their websites. Although abandoned website forms have become a headache for many, we have a robust solution.

The Capture automated retargeting platform turns a potentially lost customer into a lead. With it, you can see your conversion numbers soaring and fueled by re-engaged people!

Form abandonment remarketing tips

A half-filled contact form, inquiry, or subscription form can’t be good for your bottom line. Many things may motivate your visitors to behave this way, including:

  • Too many questions
  • Too few questions
  • Non-optimized forms
  • Poor word choice

If your analytics show numerous web form abandonment cases, you should minimize those to regain your leads and rake in profits you would otherwise kiss goodbye. First, you can try to improve the way your forms look:

  • Reduce or increase the number of fields to be filled (depending on why abandonment occurs in the first place)
  • Ensure confidentiality and information security
  • Add more calls to action

But this is only part of improving your lead generation. For a more powerful result, integrate the Capture abandoned lead remarketing solution into your forms. Our automated platform takes care of the entire client’s return journey with personalized emails, prompting them to take the desired action.

How Capture solves the problem with abandoned website forms

Customer loss is inevitable when someone almost fills out your form but stops and leaves your site. But not with Capture. Our solution is simple: get to the visitor at the right time and remind them that you care about them filling out the form.

Our automated platform collects and feeds visitor data into the database after the visitor starts entering anything in your forms. Capture uses that data and other lead insights to generate and send an email postcard if they change their mind and leave. This way, you retain abandoned website leads who are more likely to complete the action, thereby increasing your conversion rate.

Want all abandoned visitors back? Test-drive the Capture solution for your registration, service purchase, or other forms!

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