WiX Integration

The Capture – WiX integration will allow you to easily recover leads from abandoned forms on your WiX pages.

Integration Setup

nstructions can also be found at https://dashboard.movology.com/integrations/WiX if logged in.

Step 1: Login or signup at the Movology dashboard.

Step 2: Grant Capture permissions required to track your forms by clicking through this link.

Step 3: Go to the Integrations tab > WiX to make sure the integration completed successfully. You should see a status panel and the checkbox for enabled should be checked.

Step 4: Go to the forms tab and start adding your forms!

You’ve successfully set up Capture!

If you run into any issues or have any questions please use the chat box available on the bottom left of the dashboard.


Our dashboard will allow you quickly see your abandoned leads as well as key metrics. We are currently working on a widget for your WiX Dashboard that shows you your monthly metrics and allows you to download your abandoned leads.